As Long As You Stay

INTRO: G - D - G - D7

I hope you know - as youíre leaving                  G -  D
A part of me stays with you                              Em - C
Wherever you go - as long as you stay              
G - Em - C -  D - G - D7

So I know - at least Iím praying                                           G - D
Iíll be there to love you                                                                Em - C
Wherever you go - as long as you stay                           G - Em - C - D - G - D7

   Sometimes itís confusing - sometimes I complain                Bb - F - C - D
   Sometimes I donít know - why you come back again         Bb - F - Dm7 - D

Just like a Rolex - my heart is counting
Each and every moment
Until that moment - I see you again

I truly know- the day is coming
Iíll wonder where the time went
ĎCause Iíll look around - and see you again


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