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dr. g and friends indie music                                                                                                    An STO dedicated site
The site Music from dr. g contains the original music of greg crisenbery and friends. Please listen for your enjoyment.  The original songs contined herein are selected to inspire and uplift.  If you would like to support this site, please purchase and download your favorite songs and tell your friends about it.  Any commercial, or for profit, use of this material must be negotiated with the artist, i.e. all rights reserved.  Thanks, dr. g
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Iíll See You

Can anyone really tell
                                                   B - A
The ending from the start                                         F#m - E - B
There always comes a day
                                       B - A
Things seem to fall apart
                                           F#m - E - B
You know Iíve always said
There will be a time
When I have to say
See you down the line

Time is - time never was
We shared every day
What comes of people we love
Do they just slip away

Everything made has a limit - thereís no use looking back
Some people act on an impulse - some freeze in their racks
Some of us wait for an answer - some wait for a sign
At times weíve all had to say - see you down the line


Can anyone really tell the ending from the start
We are here just form a moment - we all play a part
You know Iíve always said - that somewhere beyond time
Somewhere over the border - Iíll see you down the line