It Was Love

How far we walked - I couldnít say
                                          G - Bm - C - G
To the edge of the river - toward the close of day
              Am - Em - F - C
Clouds were closing - in the evening sky                      G - Bm - C - G
As we stood on the banks - of the great bye and bye
        Em - F - Dm - C - G

As the landing - fell away from view
The clouds grew thick - as a demonís brew
The captainís words - echoed though my haze
ďBrace your heart - for the coming daysĒ

Out on the river - reflections of shore
                                    Bb - F
Call out like the sirens - of Assyrian lore
                              C(E bass) - Gm(D bass)
And Iím aching clear - to the core
                                           C#dim - F - C

Itís hard on the water - itís harder at night                          Dm - Bb(F bass)
Itís been hard on us all getting through                                F(A bass) - C
When the clouds finally broke - I was drenched to the soul
But glad to be part of the crew
The captain cried out - hold on to the rails
Fasten the lines down and trim all the sails
Hold on to each other - and hold on to me
Weíre bound to make open sea
It was love - showed the way
It was love - saved the day

How long it lasted - I couldnít tell
In the angry wind -  and the dark of hell
But when the sun - finally had its say
We embraced the dawn - and we sailed away

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