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dr. g and friends indie music                                                                                                    An STO dedicated site
The site Music from dr. g contains the original music of greg crisenbery and friends. Please listen for your enjoyment.  The original songs contined herein are selected to inspire and uplift.  If you would like to support this site, please purchase and download your favorite songs and tell your friends about it.  Any commercial, or for profit, use of this material must be negotiated with the artist, i.e. all rights reserved.  Thanks, dr. g
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Just Shine

Intro  D - G - D - A - Bm - A,  G - Bm - D - G - Bm - A - A

Bm7                                      F#m7
I look above me - beyond the brilliant moon
G7                                                                          A                         A7
To the numberless footlights of night
Bm7                                        F#m7
I look around me - a million faces beam
Em7                                                       A                         A7
All of their eyes burning bright
Em  - G - D - A
         Finally something’s true
Em  - G - D - Bm        A               G             A
             All I have to do
Intro x2
Is shine - Just shine

Every morning - I see a symphony - Of trains & trees & cars
And everybody - is dancing in the street - With the sun & moon & stars
Finally something’s true - All I have to do
Is shine - Just shine

Bm7  -  walk bass B - A - F# - G  x2
And when the moon is new - and plans have fallen through
Bm7  -  walk bass B - A - F# - G                               Bm            A                   G                   A
And days are turning blue - what else is there to do?
Repeat  Intro to end  (no A7)
But shine - just shine  -  Come on shine - Just shine

No time to be shy - like stars in the sky
Like angels on high - with love in your eye