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The site Music from dr. g contains the original music of greg crisenbery and friends. Please listen for your enjoyment.  The original songs contined herein are selected to inspire and uplift.  If you would like to support this site, please purchase and download your favorite songs and tell your friends about it.  Any commercial, or for profit, use of this material must be negotiated with the artist, i.e. all rights reserved.  Thanks, dr. g
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Lady Luck

Intro:  C - A
b //

Texas hold um - with Lady Luck                                          Bb - Bbm
Bought another chip with my last buck
                        F - C - G
She laughed at me and called my bluff,                      Bb - Bbm
“Your joker’s wild, but it ain’t so tough”
                     F - C - G

She looked through me like a windowpane             D - Db - F#
Began to wonder if I was sane
                                             Bm - E - F#
It was mine to fold or stay
                                                        D - C - G
Tried to get my feet to (just) walk away
                   Cm - F - G

As Luck would have it - I played that hand
Though it could’a been my last stand
I didn’t know what I would see
She’s a lady full of mystery

I learned a lot about luck that day
I could tell - but all I’ll say
Better fasten up your safety belt (and)
Play your cards the way they’ve been dealt


Thought I’d take a little break
So I went down to Caddo lake
Got the itch to take a swim
Held my nose and jumped right in

I sank deep in the slime and muck
Had to call on Lady Luck
She pulled me out like I hoped she would
(She said) You’re a real mess now but you’ll clean up good