The Light of Day

Intro:  G dim - Bb - Ab 7 - C

We had gathered in the dark                         
F - Dm - C
On the shoulder of the road                          
F - Dm - C
Waiting for the dawn - to ease our load          
Am - F - C - Am - G - G 7

At first it all seemed gray                             
F - Dm - C
There were those who turned to run              
F - Dm - C
Then colours filled the sky                           
Am - F - C
And so our work, had just begun                  
Am - G - F - F 7

Laid bare by the early morning light              
Bb - C - Gm - F
Would our plans soon be washed away?        
Bb - A7 - Dm - F
Oh, Ďcause we know if it ainít right                
Bb - C - Gm - F
Itíll never stand - in the light of day              
Bb - A7 - Gm - F - C7


So all our goals are changed - new quandaries to resolve
Our limits redefined - as we evolve

Along the road of love - the scenes are in your mind
We shed thoughts like autumn leaves
We change - or weíre left behind

Laid bare by the early morning light
Will your plans soon be washed away?
Oh, Ďcause you know when it ainít right
Itíll never stand - in the light of day

Bb - Bb7 - Eb -  C7 - Bb - Eb - F
Jam on F

Love Carries Us All

Bb - Ab - Eb - C7 - Bb - Eb - F  (repeat)

Stand tall or pride before a fall - Love caries us all
Clear skies in the center of a squall - Love carries us all
Far back as any can recall - Love carries us all
Full speed or headed for a stall - Love carries us all

(In the best of times, in the burst of rhymes, in the London Times
Beyond mortar & bricks, stones, sticks, & politics
Eclipsing greed, weed, petty misdeed, & guilded seed
Past the hybrid car, humbucking guitar, and Carinae star)
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