When I was just a child                                         
Gm - D9
I was told how it would be
Explained how it could feel
Shown what I could see
But you came into my life
And you told me what was true
All these years I never dreamed
I could walk the earth with you

Mercy - if I have your mercy                             C - Gm - C - Gm
Consider it - all Iíd every need                          F - C - Gm - D9
You hold my life - in the twinkle of your eye      
C - Gm - C - Gm
I gladly give it - donít pass me by                    
F - C - Gm - D9

So many years and people
Have gone down by the riverside
Echoes claim their happiness
But they werenít satisfied
When the light shines in a human form
Well itís, all so clear to see
I donít now, I donít know, I donít know
What it means to you
But I know - what it means to me

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