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dr. g and friends indie music                                                                                                    An STO dedicated site
The site Music from dr. g contains the original music of greg crisenbery and friends. Please listen for your enjoyment.  The original songs contined herein are selected to inspire and uplift.  If you would like to support this site, please purchase and download your favorite songs and tell your friends about it.  Any commercial, or for profit, use of this material must be negotiated with the artist, i.e. all rights reserved.  Thanks, dr. g
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On the Tao

Intro:  D - Em - G - A ////

On the rails between Leadville and Chicago            D - Em - G - A7
Off the Gold Hill Spur                                        
Bm - A7 - G / Bm / A / D
I lost a girl who Iíd followed from Key Largo          D - Em - G - A7
When I  - Looked away from her                          Bm - A7 - G / Bm / A / D

Had to find something                                        
On the Tao                                                       
Didnít know what, but                                        
Kept lookiní anyhow                                           
Bb - A7


At every crossroad between Monterey and Ashville
I looked around for home
I never found it, but I found a way to get there
Now I donít have to roam

Finally found something
On the Tao
Donít know what, but
Iíll find out somehow


1rst verse