Riding on the Steel Rail

G    Em            C    G
Riding on the steel rail heading Ďcross town
G    Em            D
Feeling just a little off track
G    Em            C         G
Riding on the steel rail homeward bound
Em         D    GEm - D - G
Terri, wonít you take me back

C        Em           G
Iíve been away for so long donít know how I - ever got this far
C         A7   DD7
Now here I am standiní up in the back - of this crowded railway car


C  Em  G
I hope and pray - that youíll find a way - to take me back this time
C                 A7   DD7
Now here I am standiní up in the back - of this elevated railway line


D       C      G
So many roads gone down
D       C          G
So many times around
Am          C
I hear the engines roar
EmF            C    D
And I feel this pull Iíve never felt before

2nd Verse  -  I hope and pray . . .

Chorus  -  Chorus (everyone)

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