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dr. g and friends indie music                                                                                                    An STO dedicated site
The site Music from dr. g contains the original music of greg crisenbery and friends. Please listen for your enjoyment.  The original songs contined herein are selected to inspire and uplift.  If you would like to support this site, please purchase and download your favorite songs and tell your friends about it.  Any commercial, or for profit, use of this material must be negotiated with the artist, i.e. all rights reserved.  Thanks, dr. g
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The Lucky One

Intro and verse: D sus2 - D11 C bass - G6 B bass

In a time that could not be
Since we lost our island paradise
Once again you face the sea
Still haunted by their mad device

Now, Iíve had a glimpse or two inside
To the oceans of your sorrow
And the conflict that you try to hide
In the veins of your tomorrow

(But) Thereís a wave on the horizon                              D sus2 - C add 9 - G 6 - C add 9 - D sus2
Come across five thousand years and more                    D sus2 - C add 9 - G 6 - C add 9 - D sus2
And youíre the lucky one                                            
Who stands with arms outstretched upon the shore         C - D sus2
Of paradise                                                                D sus2 - D11 C bass - G6 B bass
Now the earth is slowly rising                                       D sus2 - C add 9 - G 6 - C add 9 - D sus2
All you senses soon to be restored                                D sus2 - C add 9 - G 6 - C add 9 - D sus2
Youíre the lucky one                                                  
Whose heart can show the way back through the door    
C - D sus2
To paradise                                                              


Is it luck this came to be
For you certainly have paid the price
Now you stand sublime and free
At the raising up of paradise

Now the waters start to clear
Angels hold their breath and strain to hear
As you spend a final tear
And bend to wash away the fear

Now the masters gather round
                                                 D - Cadd9 - G6 - Cadd9
As you stand to face the new made ground                     D - Cadd9 - G6 - Cadd9
Heavenís beacons should burn so bright
                            D - Cadd9 - G6 - Cadd9
As the love within your eyes tonight
                                     D - Cadd9 - G6 - Cadd9

(And) Thereís a wave . . . .