Youíre All I Need

G - F - C - G - Em - F - Dm - C - G

Once there were good times - so sweet to me
And bad times that made me cry - down on my knee

Once there were lovers - Lord, you know itís true
Now there ainít nothing left - nothing but you

Youíre like the sweet dew - that comes with the dawn
Youíre like the shining sun - when the dewís gone

F - C - Em,  F - C - D,  G - D - Em,   F - F - D - D

When youíre a dreamer - you dream all alone
(But) You came to waken me - and carry me home

Home ainít no building - home ainít no town
Itís just the feeling - when your loveís been found

F - C - Em,  F - C - D,  G - D - Em,   F - F - D - D

I had my intentions - now my roads been paved
If you donít save me - I wonít be saved

Hear this heart crying - hear this heart plead
Youíre all I ever want - youíre all I need
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